Application Process

To apply for a Canada-Brazil CsF scholarship, please read the following instructions carefully.

1. The Brazilian professor/researcher must identify the Canadian university and Canadian supervisor.

The Canadian supervisor’s academic CV is required to complete CNPQ’s application form. If the candidate does not yet have a specific university in mind, CBIE can assist in finding an appropriate program.

2. CBIE will invite the Brazilian professor/researcher to submit their application on CBIE’s protected portal.

Supporting documents
After completing the online application form, candidates will be prompted to upload the following documents to the online application form in .pdf format:

  • passport
  • academic CV
  • official undergraduate, Master and PhD transcript in English or French and in Portuguese
  • language proficiency test results
    • minimum CNPq parameters of 70-80 TOEFL
  • signed and dated consent form

CBIE will notify successful candidates of their placement as soon as we receive the student’s letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution.

3. CBIE will invite placed candidates to submit their application on CNPq’s portal

Before completing the online application form, candidates must update their academic CV at the “Plataforma Lattes” on CNPq’s portal and attach the following documents:

  • official undergraduate, Master and PhD transcript in Portuguese
  • Canadian supervisor’s academic CV
  • research and working project
    •  the project will be analyzed by an evaluation committee

4. CNPq will communicate with candidates to inform them if they have been awarded a scholarship

5. Documents the candidate should provide to CAPES after confirmation of the scholarship include:

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • formal confirmation/agreement from the Canadian supervisor regarding all the activities that will be developed and attest to the candidate’s language proficiency

All online applications received by CBIE will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness. CBIE will submit applications to Canadian institutions on behalf of eligible candidates and will seek to place them in one of their chosen institutions. CBIE will coordinate with the candidate should further information be required by a Canadian institution. Specific details regarding accommodation, research/industry placement and possible language studies will be provided at this time.

Please note that successful candidates will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and visa requirements. CBIE will provide visa support, to the extent possible.

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