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Professional Development Workshops

** Pre-registration and payment of fees are required for ALL professional development workshops. **
limited seating
Student Learning Abroad: A Developmental, Experiential and Holistic Workshop

Educators who are responsible for organizing and promoting study abroad increasingly recognize that undergraduates do not normally and naturally develop their intercultural competence simply through being exposed to or even being “immersed” in a host culture. Instead, members of the international exchange community, informed by recent research and disciplinary insights, are coming to understand that we need to intervene, that we need to facilitate our students’ learning, if they are to learn and develop effectively through studying abroad. The question that we as international educators are increasingly asking ourselves is, “How should we be intervening in order to maximize our students’ learning?” This workshop is designed to help participants respond in concrete ways to that question.

  • Developmental, experiential, and holistic, the workshop will focus on four key skill areas that
  • our students need to develop in order to become more interculturally competent:
  • Increasing cultural self-awareness;
  • Increasing awareness of others within their own cultural contexts;
  • Learning techniques for “bridging the cultural gap” — which is to say, interacting with culturally different others in effective and appropriate ways;
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence — developing the capacities to identify, understand, manage, communicate and apply emotions effectively and appropriately.


Michael Vande Berg, Principal at MVB Associates LLC


limited seating
Basic Building Blocks to a Successful Career

This workshop will help new professionals to gain a better understanding of the field of international education (IE), and to begin to understand the career potential it offers. Discussion topics will include the range of career opportunities and how to navigate within the profession of IE; the support of incoming and outbound students throughout their course of study; a consideration of one’s own context as an international educator and how to achieve and maintain personal and professional balance.


Sonja Knutson, Director of the International Centre, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Ben Yang, Executive Director of the International Education & Training Department, Georgian College


limited seating + experience
Achieving Your International Strategic Enrolment Goals: From Competition Dynamics to Channel Management

This session centers on two main thematic streams.  First, a discussion of the trends and changes in international education across key sending and receiving countries based on a look back on a decade worth of data.  Special emphasis is placed on a granular discussion of Canadian receiving trends by sector, province, and metro area.  One question which will be addressed is whether the recent strong growth dynamics have already begun to slow down, and if so in which sector and region.  The second thematic stream will discuss channel management issues, including: Social media, alumni, partnerships, feeder school models (including Canadian secondary curricula delivered abroad), international program delivery, tuition fees and cost of living, and pathways.  This discussion will be underpinned by global benchmark data.  The final segment of the session is dedicated to discussion with participants.


Daniel J. Guhr, Managing Director, Illuminate Consulting Group (ICG)

Nelson Furtado, Analyst, Illuminate Consulting Group (ICG)




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